Dispensing Liquid

Dispensing Epoxy Resins for Composite manufacture

Encapsulation/Potting of electrical/electronic components

Resin Injection Moulding (RIM) for Prototype Components

For use in railtrack ballast bonding. Lightweight, UK manufactured.

Mixing head machine for PU roller coating.

Loud speaker bonding with two component acrylic adhesive.

Small invertor controlled MasterCaster.

We are leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of meter, mix and dispense machines for handling Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Silicones, Acrylics, together with many other multi-component liquid materials requiring online metering and mixing.

We offer a comprehensive range of machinery using rotary, gear and volumetric piston pump metering, together with static and dynamic mixing. These have been used to successfully cover applications as diverse as the precise, controlled rate dispensing of a few milligrams of paste epoxy to casting tonnes of syntactic polyurethanes under closed loop mass flow control.

Being modular in design the range can be tailored to meet specific customer application requirements and together with market leading technology we offer unrivalled experience in providing often innovative, yet practical solutions to your metering and mixing needs.

Comprising three designs of single acting volumetric metering pump, driven with pneumatic cylinders or a +recirculatory ball screw and programmable motor.

The gear pump range can be fitted with standard/hardened or precision type gear pumps and all can be used for static, rotary static or dynamic mixing.

To meet the need to mixing properly we offer disposable static and rotary static or dynamic/shear type. Where possible we mount the mixer directly onto the metering pumps as…

There is a need for precise, accurate metering irrespective of viscosity or backpressure change. To meet this we offer a range of single acting, volumetric displacement pumps…