Hyform emblems are created using sophisticated nameplate technology. These versatile 3-D products can:

Hyforms are useful in branding a wide variety of products such as automotive, electronics, appliances, and industrial machinery.

Using heat and pressure, a beautiful emblem is formed.

Materials are available for 5 to 7 year exterior grade durability.

Thickness can range from .040 to .25 with the typical product at .080.

A large variety of materials and finishes are available including metalics, woodgrains, carbon fibre, solid colors, leather, etc…

A full range of graphics can be incorporated into the product including four color process.

i.e. bright chrome, wood grain, matte gold, white, etc…

If you have any art files, please upload them now for a more accurate quote.

Based in Windsor, California, Hydome is a provider of doming services and a manufacturer of custom formed nameplates. Founded in 1997 by owner Jack Hyde, we are now one of North Americas largest domers.

Our dedicated staff and fast deliveries mean that Hydome is there when you need us the most.

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HyDomes are made with a thermal doming process. A plain, printed label is filled with a polyurethane resin that adds a domed appearance to the final product. Durable and guaranteed to last for five years with exterior use.