Mineral Glass (Rough Edge) Convex Clock Glasses

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Mineral Glass (Rough Edge) Convex Clock Glasses

Convex clock glasses are in traditional imperial sizing and a 1/16th plus or minus allowance must be allowed when ordering.

Up to Ø60mm = Doming height 5 – 6mm

Up to Ø70mm = Doming height 6 – 7mm

Up to Ø90mm = Doming height 7 – 8mm

Up to Ø100mm = Doming height 8 – 9mm

Up to Ø120mm = Doming height 8.5 – 10mm

Up to Ø140mm = Doming height 10 – 11mm

Up to Ø160mm = Doming height 11 – 12mm

Up to Ø170mm = Doming height 12 – 13mm

Up to Ø180mm = Doming height 13 – 14mm

Up to Ø190mm = Doming height 13 – 15mm

Up to Ø200mm = Doming height 15 – 16mm

Up to Ø210mm = Doming height 16 – 17mm

Up to Ø220mm = Doming height 18 – 19mm

Up to Ø240mm = Doming height 19 – 20mm

Up to Ø260mm = Doming height 20 – 21mm

Up to Ø300mm = Doming height 22 – 23mm

Up to Ø330mm = Doming height 24 – 25mm

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