SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering

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SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering – bulk roll

SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering – bulk roll

The SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering is a unique, durable greenhouse plastic that utilizes impact-resistant air bubbles and features an R-Value of 1.7.

In 2-5 business days direct from manufacturer.

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The SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering is a unique, durable greenhouse plastic that utilizes impact-resistant air bubbles and features an R-Value of 1.7. With 83% light transparency, the SolaWrap is a lightweight, flexible material that can be rolled up into sidewall curtains. The slide and lock design allows for quick and simple installation while also ensuring the covering stays in place.

The SolaWrap Covering bulk roll comes in widths of 4, 5, and 6 and a length of 328.

SolaWrap Installation Instructions(PDF)

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We have round houses Would product work

The SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering should be able to be used in this application.

I am building a 25ft dia x 15ft high dome greenhouse and it will be made with PVC connectors and 2×4 wood members, how would the solawrap fasten to the 2x4s?

The manufacturer has provided the SolaWrap Installation Instructions that we have posted on the product page for customer use. The instructions state that SolaWrap Film will need to be installed to any framing using self-taping screws that are 1 1/4-1 1/2 in length, stainless or galvanized is recommended.

Can this be used on a wood frame greenhouse? if yes, would self-tapping screws still be used?

SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering can be used on a wooden frame greenhouse structure, however, we would suggest using the SolaWrap Connectors (GF-SOL-EXT) for installation. You will need to use wood screws for installation onto a wooden framed structure.

can i use the spring lock double base on the end walls to attach to this and the end piece or what should i use?

We suggest using the SolarWrap Connectors (GF-SOL-EXT) for installing the SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering to a structure.

I love in North dakota, can this product handle 35 below 0 temps for weeks at a time?

The manufacturer states that hailstones, snowstorms, hurricane winds, and severe hot and cold weather are no match for the SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering. Its distinctive insulation properties offer a high level of energy efficiency and its construction principles prevent any leaks or thermal bridges so that up to 95% of the heat radiation can be retained. The manufacturer reports customers being able pick strawberries inside a greenhouse while outside temperatures were recorded at -25 F.

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I wouldt use anything else. Easy to install, durable and just plain the best product out there. We built two 33 geodesic greenhouses this year and Solawrap is on both.

Best greenhouse cover on the market

By far the best greenhouse cover on the market. I am absolutely blown away by how well my plants grow under the bubbles! Ive been growing a long time and Ive never seen anything like it. Absolutely worth the cost.

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