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What customers have to say about our Gift Tags

Would be nice if there were options to get these in different sizes. The current size offered is a little small to center on a gift bag.

Gift tags dont just simplify the gift-giving processpersonalized tags can also double as stickers and personal labels for birthdays, graduations, weddings and more. Discover why gift tags make the perfect addition to any present for quick tagging and detailing, from sparing the recipient the search for a lost card, to personalizing any event with style.

Few things are more frustrating than receiving a present and trying to guess who its from. Customized gift tags make the labeling process easy and quick without the worry of a card getting separated from the present. Not only are you able to choose the format in which your gift tags come, but you can also specify themes such as kid-friendly cars and trains, princesses and fairy tales, or opt for stylish tag themes such as floral, monogrammed, minimalistic and patterned.

Its easy to filter your search for the perfect gift tag by choosing categories such as age range, themes, colors and formats. Just click the boxes that suit your occasion and well do the rest. If youre feeling a bit more ambitious, add some photos to the mix. Our gift tag designs are luxe, stylish and chic, and we offer contemporary and traditional options to suit your personality and needs. Choose some of your favorite photo moments and make a customized gift tag that will warm hearts and leave an everlasting impression.

Personalized gift tagging is a fun and memorable way to organize, claim and categorize, but what if you could have one tag with three different uses? Our gift tags also work as personal labels and stickers for various occasions. Whether you want to customize aunique holiday card, birthday party, anniversary celebration or baby shower, our adhesive-backed tags add a final and flourishing touch to any item, including name cards, placeholders,unique thank you cardsand more.

Our tags are also perfect for bulk holiday and business gifting, saving you the time and effort of hand-writing every tag. Instead, create something unique and special that inspires by customizing every aspect of your gift tag for a product that youll be truly proud to have produced.

Gift tags arent the only labels we offer. Browseunique addresslabels, available in a variety of designs, colors, themes and sizes. Plus, custom embossers are a beautiful and sophisticated way to add flair, class and elegance to any envelope.